32 Signs That Self-Worth Might Be Low

(written by John Niland)

32 Signs That Self-Worth Might Be Low

How do you know that it’s time to pay attention to self-worth? Here are some signs, compiled with the help of our community of self-worth coaches.

NB: many of these issues have other causes too; self-worth is not the only root cause of problems! Nevertheless, if over half of the following statements are true, a person may have self-worth issues.

1- Feelings of inadequacy, “I’m not enough”, self-criticism
2- Constantly trying to impress other people all the time
3- Doing projects to prove your credibility (e.g. getting one qualification after another)
4- Doing, doing… unable to rest. Over-servicing clients or boss or family e.g. doing far more than is required.
5- Prolonged feelings of sadness, resignation or loss of hope
6- Dreading social occasions
7- Being consistently under-paid
8- Paralysis: unable to take any action, slump in energy
9- Constantly comparing self unfavourably to others
10- Blaming: people, past, society etc.
11- Inability to connect with any sense of purpose, even after repeated attempts to do so
12- Isolation, unable to connect with others
13- Addictive behaviours or patterns
14- Fear about the future, constant gnawing feelings of anxiety
15- Feeling unlovable
16- Impostor syndrome – dreading being “found out”
17- Deeply wounded by setbacks, rejection or criticism. Taking days / weeks to recover
18- Unable to show vulnerability- maintaining a mask at all times.
19- Loud, talking all the time, needing to be the centre of attention
20- Difficulty saying No
21- Perfectionism
22- Feeling like a victim, helplessness
23- Difficulty with self-care e.g. ignoring or minimising one’s needs
24- Feelings of not deserving, always being “wrong”
25- Numbness
26- Secrets, hiding of self
27- Feeling like an outcast or outsider, not belonging
28- Working too hard for things you don’t really want
29- Pretending: e.g. to know what you don’t know
30- Inability to be on your own
31- Always apologising, saying “sorry!”
32- Putting the needs of others before your own

The next checklist will be the benefits of self-worth. What would you like to see on it?


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