The Self-Worth Academy is a global network of people who are interested in promoting self-worth as a foundation for life and work. The purpose of the Self-Worth Academy is to encourage a fresh understanding of self-worth in professional and personal life; in education and in leadership. In doing so, we actively connect self-worth professionals with each other to share their gifts and insights.

We also want to create a “learning space” for further exploration of self-worth: sharing research and approaches, healthy debate and also a place where new people can come to experience a taste of what self-worth is all about. Self-Worth Safari facilitators range from professionals in leadership development, to education, to professionals working in project management and of course in business-development.


For several decades now, we have been taught that self-esteem is the Holy Grail of personal development. But there is mounting evidence that self-esteem is not delivering on its promise. Instead, the widespread pursuit of self-esteem all too often seems to be nurturing narcissism, addiction to praise and ever-present anxiety about not living up to one’s full potential. Far from producing generations of self-assured adults, we seem to be cultivating even more self-preoccupation, anxiety and depression than ever before.

Self-worth is a more loyal companion than self-esteem. Unlike self-esteem, self-worth is not contingent on meeting expectations: neither those of others nor even of your own. Self-worth is independent of your performance; it’s a fundamental, unconditional friendship with yourself. Unlike the fickle friendship of self-esteem, self-worth is a faithful ally in the most challenging of times, on those grey days when you most need to be a friend to you. You can have self-worth even when you skip the yoga class. Furthermore, with real self-worth you are likely to be a valued member of any enterprise or team.


Energise Teams

A fresh self-worth approach to energy and teamwork brings tangible results for productivity, engagement and creativity.

Build Professional Identity

As thousands of people seek to reinvent their careers, sef-worth unlocks a fresh approach to professional identity.

Grow Business

When your self-worth finds expression in a sound value-proposition, your business grows sustainably via the support of your ambassadors.

Live Well

The pandemic has put wellbeing to the top of the agenda. When rooted in self-worth, you can survive any storm.