Self Worth Academy Associate Angela Raspass

Angela is a business and life mentor based in Sydney with a particular passion for supporting individuals to step into their Next Chapter, creating and growing a business that leverages their skills, values and experience or realigning the business they already have so it better reflects the person they’ve become.

She wraps her clients in unwavering strategic and emotional support and helps them to:

  • give their ideas shape and form
  • pinpoint the gaps in strategy that need closing  
  • create a marketing and visibility plan
  • clarify and prioritise their next steps

as they move through the Cycle of Change. Most importantly, she ensures they reconnect to their innate self-worth, the foundation for clarity, so they can take consistent, confident action on their goals at 100% of their contribution capacity.  

Prior to her current focus, after a corporate career and juggling a young family, Angela grew her freelance marketing gigs into a small agency with full time staff. Although this was a successful endeavour, by 2012, she realised she’d created a business that was no longer a fit for who she had become, a woman utterly changed by overcoming addiction, reconnecting with her self-worth and developing a new vision. It took her almost 2 years to listen to her heart, close the agency and pivot from consulting to mentoring. She doesn’t want anyone else to stay stuck in a job or business they’ve outgrown for longer than they need too, and so today she helps people to build businesses that blend contribution, fulfilment and financial reward.

In tandem with her business mentoring, Angela recently launched the Australian Self-Worth Institute, for leaders, coaches, trainers, educators, wellness advocates, addiction recovery specialists and other professionals who are interested in and committed to supporting their clients, colleagues and communities to be the brightest, boldest most expansive versions of themselves by reconnecting to their own self-worth.


Coaching on Self-Worth in the realm of: Business and Self-Leadership

Business Masterminds, Retreats, In person and virtual strategic planning workshops

Speaks: English

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