Self Worth Academy Associate Anita Sheehan-Nutz

Anita has a diverse professional and international background, working both in international institutions and local companies.

Anita’s mission is to make people and organisations aware of their own strengths, talents and passions and to leverage these to live the life they really want and to help organisations flourish. To connect the dots, she encourages individuals and organisations to engage in a process that invites 1) focus on their strengths, values, beliefs and purpose, 2) appreciate and embrace their own uniqueness, 3) practice self-care to 4) bring out the best in themselves and optimally contribute to society.

Using appreciative and collaborative approaches, Anita has been helping teams and individuals to stimulate conversations and develop strategies that lead to greater cohesion, goodwill, creativity and productivity at work. Even more importantly, transferring positive and constructive attitudes to the private sphere can also create happier families and communities. Because, as we all know, what we pay attention to grows!

Coaching on Self-Worth in the realm of: Work

Coaching, Seminars

Speaks: German, English, French

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