Self Worth Academy Associate ANNE RANDERSON

Anne Randerson, Ph.D., is a coach, trainer, multilingual educator, and researcher who is passionate about helping people unleash their passions and purpose in life through a greater understanding of personal self-worth. Anne helps individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds integrate and work successfully in organisations around the globe.

Anne received her BA degree in French at UC Davis, and her Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Human Life Studies at Koriyama Women’s University in Japan. For over 25 years, Anne has lived in five countries, on three different continents, and learned to speak several languages as a former translator and interpreter. She is also a mindfulness teacher, trained by the UCSD Center for Mindfulness in 2017.

Drawing on her extensive intercultural expertise, Anne appreciates the opportunity to work with leaders from global and local organizations to assist them with best practices for effective inclusive communication, project management, conflict resolution, and leadership skills. She has been Managing Director of her own company, Cross Cultural Horizons, since 2007, and has taught intercultural communication, global business management, and global studies courses in Europe, Asia, and the USA for over 15 years.

Interacting constantly with executives and university students raised in diverse environments has heightened Anne’s knowledge as an intercultural researcher and author on cultural differences, diverse work habits, communication styles, global leadership practices, mindfulness, and contemplative pedagogy.

Coaching on Self-Worth in the realm of: Career transition, DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging), Intercultural Education, Mindfulness & Creative expression

Individual coaching, seminars, courses, workshops

Speaks: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese (working knowledge)

Certified PI Facilitator

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