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Enriching Professional Identity

A 6-Month Live & Self-study group course to clearly and confidently articulate the value of your work in the age of Reinvention and AI.

Or get a taste and be a guest participant on a live community call – register here for a guest pass to one session.

In today’s marketplace, there are four big forces of change:

1. New ways of working e.g. hybrid-working, agile teams and digitalisation
2. Massive rethink of meaning: a new relationship between Work and Life since the pandemic
3. Longer working lives bringing multiple careers (not just jobs), and now…
4. The rise of AI, impacting 100 million jobs across the developed world

    In short, everyones professional identity will need an upgrade: planned or unplanned.

    Now is the time to reinvent the way in which you communicate the value of your talents, in order to be seen and valued in the economy of the future. 

    This course (live & self-study) is to encourage future-focused professionals to proactively reinvent themselves, so that they:

    find fresh energy
    uncover new opportunities
    communicate the value
    lead others through change
    achieve higher remuneration

    For me the course has been valuable in several ways. Firstly, it has encouraged and allowed me to really begin to figure out and understand how I am truly of value in my marketplace. This new understanding is taking me beyond knowing my title, my role, my effectiveness, my impact. I am beginning to understand and experience more just how I am valuable, and this has elevated passion and confidence levels within me. Secondly, as a PI mentor I now have a vital ‘product’ with a clear path to take to market that will make a difference for others. Thirdly, the course has provided me with a whole bunch of new colleagues and potential friends from around the globe who I can have fresh conversations with and talk about ideas (and insights) 

    – Graeme Layzell

    During our 6 months together we will:

    Define a new professional identity, that works in the economy of the future

    AI will challenge us to bring new awareness and better/deeper insights to our professional lives. For a professional to be of real value, you need to do more than replicate the ideas and the responses that a chat bot can do. It will not be enough to regurgitate the same old tips and generic advice.

    Communicate this identity so that others can open doors for you, vs. being forever stuck doing your own promotion

    This is one of the biggest shifts professionals can make so that their career/business is sustainable. Professional life is a whole lot easier when we export the cost of prospecting. When others tell our story, this brings a new level of joy and freedom to our work.

    Build a regular routine that re-educates your network about your identity and develops new connections

    A sustainable professional identity is about who you are, not just what you do. What you do changes and will need to keep evolving. But who you are does not change (as much) and this is the primary basis for building your network. Your network is yours for life, not just for the duration of any one role or business activity.

    Boost your energy levels and resilience via deeper self-worth, vs reliance on self-esteem or validation from others

    When a professional is living life according to their values, they can endure just about anything. On the other hand, when facing problems it can trigger a huge slump in energy if you do not find value in what you’re doing.

    Bring your whole self to work and create a more compassionate relationship with yourself

    We drop from the mind into the body, our inner space and FEEL into the experience of upgrading your professional identity – does it bring peace, joy, anxiety? We’ll look into the self-assessments we make about ourselves and notice how our thoughts, emotions and perceptions impact our physical bodies. Learn how to listen to our body, regulate, ground and reduce the stress from daily events.

    Course Calendar

    6 months • 10-15 hour self-study modules • 12 Professional Identity + 6 Inner Space community calls

    1st and 3rd Tuesday per month at 4pm BST/GMT: Group Discussion and Coaching with John

    2nd Tuesday per month at 4pm BST/GMT: Inner Space with Amanda

    1×1 support with Professional Identity Mentors

    Community Call Topics

    Calendar 2023/24

    5 & 19 September

    3 & 17 October

    7 & 21 November

    5 & 19 December

    9 & 23 January

    6 & 20 February

    Professional Identity

    Introducing yourself with more impact

    Using your network and making new connections

    The world of AI: from “Artificial Intelligence” to “Accelerated Insights”

    Communicating value in the digital economy

    Energy and focus revisited: sustaining momentum

    Leading others through change and uncertainty,
    being a model among peers

    Optional: Inner Space

    A space where we pause performance and take stock of our energy levels. This hour is a safe space to be seen, heard and reconnect with your body, emotions and with others on the course.

    All the inner voices (including self-esteem) are welcome, with full permission to be and express yourself.

    inner space

    All sessions are recorded for those of you who cannot attend live.

    If you join the course after September, you get to revisit the previous topics live from March onwards.

    Or get a taste and be a guest participant on a live community call – register here for a guest pass to one session.

    – Maia Ana Botelho Neves
    – Matt Day
    – Tori Macdonald
    – Ashleigh Vilk

    The 6-month group course costs

    The cost of this Live & Self-Study Professional Identity course is £750 as a one-time payment.

    You’ll have support from our PI Mentors & other course participants through a private WhatsApp group and online platform. You’ll have access to the self-study modules for 12 months.

    Money-back guarantee: any professional who wholly takes part (including homework) can have a money-back guarantee if not ecstatically happy by the end of the course.

    All sessions are recorded for those of you who cannot attend live.

    Or get a taste and be a guest participant on a live community call – register here for a guest pass to one session.

    Meet your facilitators

    John Niland is best known as a professional speaker, as well as being a coach, author and regular guest lecturer at universities and professional associations. Based in London and Lisbon, John is passionate about the power of self-worth in work: encouraging professionals to build a strong professional identity as an anchor in today’s turbulent world.

    In 2016, a series of personal events led him to write “The Self-Worth Safari”, to ignite self-worth in individuals and transform their careers and personal lives. In 2018, he established The Self-Worth Academy, a global network of professionals promoting self-worth as a foundation for life and work.

    John’s previous books include “Hidden Value”, “100 Tips to Find More Time”, “Opportunity Conversations” and “The Courage to Ask” (co-authored with Kate Daly).

    Amanda Mulder sees herself as an Inner Space Nurturer, someone who supports others in feeling safe inside their body in order to live more freely and authentically.

    She is qualified as a Self-Worth and Somatics coach, Calligraphy Health System Facilitator and Energy Healer – all to support us in nurturing a wholesome relationship with ourselves.

    In 2019 she met John in Lisbon just before his book was published and supported him in building a presence amongst the various international communities. As well as being an associate, she leads the operations of SWA ensuring things run calm and smoothly behind the scenes.

    Developing my professional identity with John has enabled me to succinctly and confidently explain my approach to clients and prospects, which in return attracts higher value work.

    On top of that, I’m saving time on my communications strategy in multiple ways; leveraging my existing network without forcing sales, knowing what research/material fits or doesn’t fit according to my approach, and bringing objectivity into the marketing of my services using a clear framework.

    Even more important to me has been falling back in love with consulting and therefore getting more enjoyment out of work.

    –  Matt Day, Brand Ambition

    One of the ripple effects on the work I’ve done on professional identity and self-worth has been the business growth and collaboration opportunities. By gaining clarity of my value, my role and how to confidently put a value on it, I am able to easily attract clients who value the work I do and are willing to pay high fees; instead of working non-stop hours for free.

    Even more important for me has been respecting my self-worth through setting clear boundaries, which decreased my anxiety and has made me a better person to work with.

    – Maria Ana Botelho Neves

    The PI course was just what I needed to get out of my own way and take steps towards a fulfilling career. While I once felt like a vulnerable blade of grass, victim to the elements and changing winds, I’ve now made deep roots that keep me centred and resilient no matter the weather; thanks to a solid self-worth. It will be a privilege to offer and accompany others to experience the same.

    – Ashleigh Vilk

    ‘It’s not about how useful you are, it’s about how you are useful.’  

    This was the sentence that stuck with me when I first met John in a conference, in 2019. I bought his book, shared it with others and got several insights from it.

    A couple of years ago my life underwent an immense transformation and now my professional identity is one of my biggest focuses. When I heard from John he was leading this group journey, I had to join. Some sessions were confronting, some concepts were harder to grasp, but now, more than halfway through this adventure, everything is starting to come together and make (a lot! of) sense. 

    I have a new lens on my professional identity. I am looking at myself differently. I gained many new insights. I am exploring new approaches. And I am very excited for what’s ahead.

    – Diana Nunes

    After taking this course on Professional Identity, I feel I can finally begin to open the door to see my self-worth and appreciate it with wonder and gladness instead of slamming the door shut and cowering behind it. As a result, I find I am saying Yes and No with clarity, making clear requests, pursuing opportunities with fresh energy and less afraid to charge for my work.

    – Elizabeth Anderson

    Immediate benefits in communicating my value to others. Being rooted in strengths, self-worth, & discovery really has a building effect… an enjoyable path to professional identity.

    –  Melissa Wall

    This course changed everything for me, by kickstarting my facilitating/coaching and finally making ripples. The emphasis on self-worth is a game-changer.

    – Frédéric Bergugnat

    What's the next step?

    Sign up here or Book a 15 min call with Amanda who will answer questions regarding the course and proceed to guide you through the Self-Study Modules and setup an onboarding call with John Niland.

    How much is the course?

    £750 for 10/15 hours of self-study modules and 16 LIVE group sessions as well as a 2 1×1 mentoring sessions – access to the self-study modules for 12 months.

    What are the calendar dates?

    You can join the course now.
    The live Sessions are on a 6 month rotation so you don’t miss any topics.
    The Live Professional Identity Community Calls are scheduled on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month:

    5 + 19 September / 5 + 19 March
    3 + 17 October / 2 + 16 April
    7 + 21 November / 7 + 21 May
    5 + 19 December / 4 + 18 June
    9 + 23 January / 2 + 16 July
    6 + 20 February / 6 + 20 August


    How will I be supported in this course?

    You will be supported on enriching your Professional Identity during the community calls with John Niland. There will also be mentors present on that call, to which you have access to reach out to.
    You’ll be supported emotionally and mentally via Inner Space led by Amanda.

    If there are questions, you are welcome to contact Amanda on

    I’m in a career transition, do I have to know what area I want to be working in in order to develop my professional identity?

    No you don’t. It’s suitable for those in career transitions and there are mentors on the course that work specifically with those in transition.

    Would you recommend the course for those working in the coaching industry?

    Yes, this course is especially suitable for career coaches, mentors and talent development/hr staff who want to learn how to support others in upgrading their PI. There will be some practical steps to lead others, though in 2024 an advanced training program will be released. This 2023 program is the prerequisite for that.

    Can my team take this course?

    Yes they can. And we can make special arrangements for your team. Reach out to

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