For Coaches, Facilitators and Mentors

We are building a global network of trained self-worth and PI facilitators: inspiring each other to bring new happiness and freedom into an increasingly self-absorbed world.

The Self-Worth Academy offers 3 training programmes for coaches, facilitators and mentors. These are firmly rooted in unconditional self-worth rather than in conditional self-esteem.

All are facilitated by John Niland and created for service-based providers who want to deepen their knowledge of self-worth and learn how to integrate this into their field in order to empower their clients to value themselves (and their work) from a fresh perspective.



  • Develop self-worth with others
  • Integrate into your own activity e.g. leadership, career-coaching etc.
  • 4 group sessions over one month
  • Certifies you to delivery Discovery program
Professional identity Facilitator


  • Pre-requisite to become a facilitator is to take the 6-month Enriching Professional Identity course to amplify your own PI before developing with others
  • Learn the 3 dimensions to PI to apply to career development coaching
  • 18 LIVE group sessions over 6 months + 8 months practicum
  • Certifies you to become a PI Facilitator for individuals and organisations
  • Bio on the SWA website
  • Access to all slides material to be used with own clients
  • Access to a learning platform with self-study modules
  • Access to various practicum events and workshops


  • Become a licensed Self-Worth Coach
  • Deliver all Self-Worth Academy (SWA) programs
  • Train your own network of Facilitators
  • Influence the future of SWA
  • Be the voice of self-worth in your chosen field
  • Unlimited 1×1 coaching calls with John to develop your own Self-Worth
  • Access to Self-paced Course
  • Access to various all practicum events and workshops
  • Access to a global community of SWA associates to exchange ideas with

“After taking this course on Professional Identity, I feel I can finally begin to open the door to see my self worth and appreciate it with wonder and gladness instead of slamming the door shut and cowering behind it. As a result, I find I am saying Yes and No with clarity, making clear requests, pursuing opportunities with fresh energy and less afraid to charge for my work.”


Immediate benefits in communicating my value to others. Being rooted in strengths, self-worth, & discovery really has a building effect… an enjoyable path to professional identity.”  

Executive Coach

What is Self-Worth?

Self-worth is a deep belief in your inherent value as a person. Your value is intrinsic, it does not depend on external conditions such as your job, status or qualifications. It does not depend on achieving your goals or getting that promotion. You are enough already.

Self-worth grows when you step into your relationship with yourself. The self-esteem based thinking we are accustomed to has us; second guessing our every move and evaluating our performance in life. The practice of self-worth deepens when you develop an unconditional friendship with yourself.

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Why is Self-Worth important?

Contemporary culture places a lot of pressure on us to live up to expectations. This means we end up spending a lot of energy on proving ourselves. Although we put on a brave face, behind the scenes many of us live with a nagging sense of insecurity and a deep sense of unworthiness.

Often seemingly successful people experience a discordant sense of disappointment with themselves. From the fertile soil of self-worth the roots of self-esteem and self-confidence can proliferate.

“The revolutionary act of treating ourselves tenderly can begin to undo the aversive messages of a lifetime”

 Tara Brach

Our training programs are facilitated by John Niland

Self Worth Academy CEO John Niland

John Niland is widely respected as a professional speaker, as well as being a coach, trainer and author and occasional guest lecturer at business-schools and professional associations. He is best known for his “value-centred” approach to issues in management and business-development, honed over a twenty-year career working with top professionals to enhance the value of their work.

In 2016, a series of personal events led him to write “The Self-Worth Safari”, a book and program to ignite self-worth in individuals and transform their careers, sales, confidence, and personal lives. In 2018, he established The Self-Worth Academy, a global network of professionals passionate about promoting self-worth (and self-awareness) as a foundation for life and work.

John’s previous books include “Hidden Value”, “100 Tips to Find More Time”, “Opportunity Conversations” and “The Courage to Ask” (co-authored with Kate Daly). He is a co-founder of the European Forum of Independent Professionals and previous CEO of Education for the Children, which works with families in Guatemala to break the cycle of poverty. He divides his time between Lisbon, Portugal, and London, England.