Self Worth Academy Associate ANNE RANDERSON

My path is helping people to unleash and bravely move forwards with their lives, so that they are able to really enjoy a rich, meaningful life that brings them fulfilment and is purposeful to them. To this end I have spent many hours devoted to exploring, studying and understanding through experience, human behaviour, functional living, personal development, and inner transformation.

As we journey through life, changes are inevitable – and our success depends on how well we are able to get our needs met and adapt to these changes. To succeed and thrive in an ever-changing world requires movement, we need to continue to adjust if we are to keep on developing our potential.

As an accredited therapist and coach, I see myself as a navigator, assisting individuals and groups to plot and stay on a course that will enable them to reach their desired destinations. Be that to achieve rapid and fundamental change, or to return to wholeness and emotional wellbeing, or to learn new skills which enable them to create a healthy sense of self-worth and respond more successfully with their world or to rework their professional identity to showcase their expertise and the value of their work more effectively.

Coaching on Self-Worth in the realm of: Personal life Leadership

Development and transformational coaching, psychotherapy + Psychoeducation workshops for individuals and organisations

Speaks: English