“If you really put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price!”

 – Jean Sibelius

Key SWA Insights / Approach


You engage people by being interested, not trying to be interesting

Your value depends primarily on usefulness – not qualifications, experience, skills or technology. Not even nice comments about you!

Self-worth unleashes new energy and transforms how you build trust / credibility with people

A clear identity enables you to engage supporters as ambassadors, which reduces your cost of sale by getting others to tell your story

Services for Independents and Entrepreneurs

A deep sense of self-worth is a rich foundation for a strong professional identity, which in turn informs your career- (and business-) choices and engages others in both leadership and professional settings.

12 skills worth learning, for any independent or business-owner

  1.    Managing your current clients (vs. being managed by them)
  2.    Charging higher fees, in line with the value you provide (vs. being the client’s servant)
  3.    Engaging your supporters as ambassadors (vs. doing all your own promotion)
  4.    Communicating the value of what you do (vs. your methodology, qualifications or experience)
  5.    Introducing yourself with maximum impact, networking skills (vs. losing a valuable window of opportunity)
  6.    Building trust in virtual meetings
  7.    Delivering impactful presentations
  8.    Engaging people via insights: both in sales and on social media
  9.    Building your professional identity so that others can tell your story
  10.   Staying ahead of your clients
  11.   Building healthy routines for planning, self-care, development (vs. being overwhelmed by client imperatives)
  12.   Nurturing your resilience and energy to do all of the above
To tailor an individual program to grow your business – and energise you as the business owner – book an exploratory individual session with John Niland or one of the other associates.


Self Worth Academy CEO John Niland

John Niland is a professional speaker, as well as being a coach, author and guest lecturer at universities and professional associations. He works with professionals to be seen and valued in their work, by building a powerful professional identity rooted in self-worth.

Some of his key insights include:

  • Energising and re-inventing who we are at work—not just what we do
  • Fuelling professional life on self-worth rather than self-esteem
  • Leading self and others by developing their professional identity
  • Making professional life sustainable and enjoyable, enabling us to work to 75 and beyond
  • Raising the value of our work, as the basis of more opportunity and reward

In 2018, he established The Self-Worth Academy, a global network of professionals passionate about promoting self-worth (and self-awareness) as a foundation for life and work.

John is the author of “The Self-Worth Safari”.  Previous books include “Hidden Value”, “Opportunity Conversations” and “The Courage to Ask” (co-authored with Kate Daly). He was a co-founder of the European Forum of Independent Professionals and previous CEO of Education for the Children, which works with families in Guatemala to break the cycle of poverty.

I had the absolute pleasure of working with John. He assisted me in understanding my self worth as it relates to my intuition development coaching business and the value I bring to the world and my clients. His content has translated directly to how I interact and coach my clientele. A person’s self worth is directly related to their ability to trust their intuition and understand there are no hurdles to opening themselves up to divine guidance. You are worthy of this amazing gift just by being you.

Intuition Development Coach and Healer

“I attended John’s value-based selling and pricing course (run by IPSE) and I was particularly impressed by John’s insights on value-based selling.”

Social Jooce

“John’s deep insights about value have brought tangible rewards to the sales team: at least $4 million in three years. Self-Worth enables sales professionals to achieve more”

Self Worth Academy Thomas Molnar Tomra Food

VP Global Sales, Tomra Sorting Food