To be successful in business-development, it’s essential to be able to get meetings with prospective clients.

Over the years, many people have told me that the single biggest problem they face is getting meetings with the right people. When they send a message, they either get no reply at all, or the person is just too busy to meet.

In this webinar on practical self-worth skills, we will tackle a simple challenge: “How to get a meeting with anyone”.

I’m going to cover some of the tried-and-tested techniques that work.

– Why many approaches fail;
– How to start an online conversation, in a human-friendly way;
– How to move from online-chat to coffee (or formal meeting);
– Opening that discussion with credibility and impact;
– Moving from first to second meeting.

Getting meetings is a vital skill that enables us to translate our self-worth into tangible value in the marketplace.


Self Worth Academy CEO John Niland


In ‘The Self-Worth Safari’, author, speaker and business coach John Niland invites us on a powerful adventure to discover how to step off the hamster wheel of self-esteem and switch onto the untrodden paths of self-worth.

In a world obsessed with proving ourselves John founded the Self-Worth Academy with the aim of supporting each other to develop/strengthen an unconditional friendship with our own selves.