One-to-one coaching to grow your business and cultivate your Professional Identity

Why do people invest in coaching? Why would you invest in yourself? The answer is very personal. For some, it is an investment to set up / grow their business or career. For others, it is about new awareness in their personal development. For nearly all, it is about preparing for a new future, where they are seen and valued in life and work.

John’s unique approach cultivates Professional Identity from the fertile soil of self-worth. Whilst the individuals he works with all have their own unique journeys, typical themes that come up time and time again include:

Professional Identity

It is vital that Professional Identity be developed from the strong roots of Self-Worth. Primarily because remembering WHO you are and WHY you do WHAT you do – gives you energy.

Professional identity makes you more resilient so you can bounce back from setbacks.



Communicating Value

When we communicate from self-esteem we highlight what qualifies us for a job, our experience and methodology. Communicating value is about understanding the ripple effects of your work.

Often it is difficult to see our value, but once you know your innate worth it changes how you do business.


Relationships and Trust

In a self-esteem driven world we are inundated with self-interested companies and individuals. People with strong self-worth stand out and build relationships, because their focus is on being useful and interested in others.

Self-worth transforms how you build trust and credibility with people both in person and in virtual meetings.


Valuing Oneself

Ultimately all professionals and businesses strive to charge premium fees, yet often struggle to justify them. This is where self-worth is vital to know the value you provide and the difference you make.

Self-worth enables you to base your pricing on the value you create rather than some average industry standard.


What Maria Ana says about developing her Professional Identity

Why is Self-Worth important for
all business professionals?

In today’s world of permacrisis, reliance on self-esteem is often destroying morale, which you can learn more about here. We’ve noticed a remarkable shift in people who work on their self-worth. They have more capacity to master energy and focus. 

Any professional that is not dedicating some time every week to their own development is certain to pay a price in the years ahead. As we navigate to an AI-driven world, you need both energy and focus. To stay ahead of the game, you need to know where the ball is going, not just where it is right now.

Mastering energy levels

All of us have at least six energy sources, e.g.: Physical, Environmental, Mental, Emotional, Purposeful, Social. Some of which may be more accessible than others on any given day. These are like six batteries. If one battery is a bit depleted, it’s generally not too bad as long as the others are well charged.

Like focus, it takes self-worth to pay attention to our energy needs. If we don’t value ourselves unconditionally, we tend to put off this essential aspect of self-care. We hope to catch up at the weekend, or when this project is finished, or if we get that promotion. There is always something else to do first.

rise professional identity
maintain keep focus at work

Mastering focus

The art of Focus is that of managing our attention. For example, when you have a “top three” for the day ahead, how do you focus on those priorities, and still find time for new requests from your inbox. Many people do not consciously manage their focus, they just react to the priorities of other people.

Focus takes self-worth. If you are running around trying to please others, it’s very hard to put up boundaries and concentrate on your own agenda. If you don’t value yourself, you are easily prone to distraction. Furthermore, the next distraction doesn’t always come from others; it often comes out of our own anxious heads!

“If you really put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price!”

Jean Sibelius

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Testimonials from people John has worked with

The best advice I ever got was: If you want to be really good at something – learn from the best. Before I started my business as a consultant, I looked for the best consultants and found John. 6 years later I want to say this: There is no way that I would have had as good results without all the good advice from John. No way! From strategic questions down to details. And he does it with such ease and creativity, not to mention humour. So – don´t hesitate. Contact John. Do as he says. And win the business.

Magnus Josephson

Public procurement expert, International speaker, Business advisor

John is one of the only people I’ve talked to who really gets professional services as practiced by the individual consultant. His advice has been incredibly valuable for me over the years.

Francesca Lahiguera

Executive search, specialised in the technology and private equity sectors

I had the absolute pleasure of working with John. He assisted me in understanding my self worth as it relates to my intuition development coaching business and the value I bring to the world and my clients. His content has translated directly to how I interact and coach my clientele. A person’s self worth is directly related to their ability to trust their intuition and understand there are no hurdles to opening themselves up to divine guidance. You are worthy of this amazing gift just by being you.

Christi Ahl

Intuition Development Coach

I have enjoyed John’s support for 13 years now. Yes, just checked and it was 2007 when I decided to a paradigm shift was required and I couldn’t do this alone. John has helped as a coach, providing an external perspective, as a sort of chair or non exec director and as critical friend. And it was his suggestion that I start the project that ended up in me adding ‘author’ to my LinkedIn profile.
Stuart Copeland

Founder of Stonac Ltd and Author

John Niland has been an incredible coach and mentor, helping guide me towards unlimited possibilities in my professional career. Together, we have explored my search for a solid professional identity, which represents the meaning behind all I do—the passion that sparks the flame inside—to become the person I was meant to be, to help make our world a better place.

I’ve known John for over 21 years. His insight, intuition, willingness to go outside the box, and evidence of his unfailing faith in whatever his clients seek to accomplish, is invaluable. His work is grounded in the value and understanding of self-worth. John has a strong capacity to listen to others and guide them. He is a spiritual being of whom I think most highly.

Anne Randerson, Ph.D.

Transitions Coach & Teacher of Contemplative Practices, Cross Cultural Horizons


Self Worth Academy CEO John Niland

John Niland is a Self-Worth Activist, advocating for deeper value of ourselves and others, to replace the current culture of conditional self-esteem.

A self-worth approach brings fresh value to life and work by…

  • Replacing endless self-assessment with new freedom and wellbeing 
  • Replacing the craving for validation with fresh courage, confidence and creativity 
  • Filling the hunger for belonging with a deep connection to self and others
  • Replacing stressful striving with joy

John is the author of the book “The Self-Worth Safari” and founder of Self-Worth Academy, bringing together an international spectrum of practitioners who share a belief in the power of self-worth. 

Previous books include “Hidden Value”, “Opportunity Conversations” and “The Courage to Ask” (co-authored with Kate Daly). Since 2000, he is well known as a speaker at professional conferences and has coached hundreds of professionals to grow revenue and reputation, via an approach based on professional identity.

He was a co-founder of the European Forum of Independent Professionals and previous CEO of Education for the Children, which works with families in Guatemala to break the cycle of poverty.

John currently lives just outside Lisbon, following many years in Brussels, London and Ireland. He still talks about “settling down one day”. 

Some of John’s key insights include:

  • Self-worth is the strongest foundation for resilience, confidence and self-belief
  • Most people have been educated in self-esteem, not self-worth. This often leads to constant anxiety and insecurity
  • When people shift to self worth, this dramatically changes their approach to career, communication and leadership
  • Self-worth is also a game changer in relationships, enabling much deeper connection
  • Self-worth is essential to successfully reinvent one’s professional identity and career in the Age of AI

Could one-to-one coaching be the next step of your personal and professional evolution?

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