Self Worth Academy Associate Katia Leonardo

As a vocal coach, Katia, helps unblock the voice and empowers her clients using Improvisation, Circlesinging, Voice and Movement Methods.

As a Self-Worth Academy Coach, she created the program Vocal Art where her method combines Emotional Healing through Vocal Techniques offering an experience for the voice as well as the body, teaching how it can become a powerful and controlled means of communication by embodying its natural sound.

She is a  singer and composer in the field of World Music and Jazz. She is also a band leader, a Choir Conductor for Social Projects, Music and Art-Teacher for Special Children and an Anthroposophic Art Therapist at her studio in Lisbon

Coaching on Self-Worth in the Realm of Personal Life

Vocal Coach, Designer of Vocal Programs for Companies, Coaches, Facilitators & Leaders.

Speaks: Portuguese, English

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