Self Worth Academy Associate Monika MAJVALDOVÁ

​Monika brings 22 years of experience in leadership development and change management to her coaching. Her coaching combines systemic coaching and the gestalt therapy (head and heart) as these together lead to success and satisfaction.

For the last 13 years, she has been running a very successful “Head & Heart®” Leadership program, based in Prague. The program focuses on empowering one’s self-worth in leadership positions.

More than ever, today’s leaders need a strong relationship with themselves. If this is absent, they fall into classic pitfalls such as people-pleasing, proving themselves, seeking validation and/or ego-fulfillment. The result is a “needy leader”.

When a leader possesses true self-worth, they have more impact. They transmit a powerful sense of purpose to others. They empower the people around them. Being anchored on permanent values, they win trust. Their vision is compelling and attractive.

Coaching on Self-worth in the realm of: Leadership

Coaching, Leadership Development

Speaks: English, Czech

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