Develop your Professional Identity in a Group Coaching Container


Welcome to the PI group coaching experience facilitated by John Niland.

Five reasons to develop your identity in a group

  1. You gather inspiration and ideas from what others are doing
  2. You can test your messages and insights with supportive colleagues
  3. Together, we create accountability for each other’s development
  4. We support each other in practical ways, e.g. on social media, introducing you etc.
  5. You profit from proven pathways rather than trying out good ideas

Core Competencies

– Expressing your strengths as impactful insights
– Rooting your identity in self-worth, for resilience and value
– Managing time and energy vs. getting lost in execution
– Developing your identity story, communicating your approach with impact
– Staying ahead of your market 

Communication Competencies

– Re-educating your network, via systems to build trust
– Delegating the prospecting via partners and ambassadors
– Establishing trust and credibility via digital identity
You as a leader: nurturing identity with others
– Negotiating and selling via a value-based approach
Being a model among peers

The Next Round of Group Coaching is due to start in July 2023

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How it works

We meet every other Thursday (fortnightly).
The group meets at 12noon GMT on Thursday, UK/Lisbon time.
No powerpoint – all sessions are live, interactive group coaching experiences.
Each month will have a theme, such as “Re-educating your network” or “Developing your insights”.


The focus of each session is sharing of experience.

10m: Check-in / member updates / sharing of requests

10m: Sharing of experience on the theme of the month (or a guest speaker?)

20m: Group coaching focusing on the theme of the session

15m: Discussion, Q&A, feedback

5m: Homework

Group size

8-12 people


A one off fee of £415, covering six months of participation