Head & Heart® Power Or How Do Krav Maga and Leadership Fit Together?

– This text was written by Monika Majvaldová, founder of Head & Heart® and a Self-Worth Academy Associate.

Naturally and easily, because they have a common DNA. Power, energy. A source that either is or is not. I either have it or I don´t have it. Nothing in between.

We are attracted to follow a person who has the power and is aware of it. Inner strength is formed by being aware of his or her value.

However, one might say: “Yet here we are talking about linking a self-defense system with the art of leading others. Where is the difference between inner strength and violence?”

The answer lies in respect of ourselves and others. In an honor.

However, exaggerated respect (of water, heights, boss, meetings…) is often manifestation of fear and worry. Naturally, we do not want to be a part of this. We are not victims.

Self-worth, respect, interest in (not just to be interesting but interested in), joy, openness, vulnerability, trust, security, acceptance and understanding, inspiration and compassion attract and invite. These qualities are contagious.

Equally contagious are fear, proving oneself, humiliation, accusation, complaining, manipulation, betrayal and abuse, secrecy and shame (“I’m not enough”). So is violence on ourselves and on others. If I take the blame, I will do anything for the others.

As inside, so outside.

Both in KM and leadership we have a choice for which “disease” to decide. Whether we want to be brave creators or wait to be created. Whether we want to take care of our power or give it up and feed others with our energy.

KM is not just about defending ourselves smartly thanks to “miraculous techniques”. It’s mainly about not becoming a victim and failing to defend myself, at all. Knowing your values / strengths and the ability to demonstrate these in natural boundaries means I will not let the situation come up too close. If reaching the edge, I know that I can handle and manage the situation.

The same principle is a core quality of a leader, who we will follow:

  • who we believe because he/she believes himself/herself
  • who we find interesting, because he/she is interested in me, in us
  • who we feel safe with, because each of us can create freely and responsibly
  • who inspires us because if he/she fails and falls, he/she always rises and gains his/her feet again
  • who is looking for unique treasures / qualities in us because he/she discovers his/her own
  • who we appreciate, because he/she value himself/herself and us
  • who connects us because he/she knows that we are invincible through the synergy of different qualities
  • who is the best friend because he/she is the best friend to himself/herself

I work with clients who already know that success is not only in the head but also in the heart. The head is often obstructed and does not know where to go. But the body knows. It experiences, feels and sends signals likes/dislikes. Information that will help me decide more quickly and accurately. And that’s what the KM and leadership is all about. Learn about the art and understand the information I have anywhere, anytime with me. Learn the art of connecting with your strength. Learn about a conscious connection between the head and the heart. The visible and natural results include fulfillment, joy, meaning, creation and innovation, growth, willingness and responsibility, as well as a stable team.


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