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Professional Identity Facilitator Course

Are you inspired by developing other people’s careers?
Help people define who they really are, not just what they do for work

The pilot certification course starts October 2022 and runs through to January 2023


“The notion of professional identity is probably the single biggest advance in career-development since the Millenium”

– John Niland

Gain the missing ingredient every career development practitioner needs to be successful at guiding people on their multifaceted career path.

This course will train you in how to discover and define the professional identity of your clients or staff and reveal their self worth so that they…

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Feel more energized in their work

Can effectively communicate who they are, not just what they do

Attract new opportunities that truly fit them

Raise the value of their work, and

Gain capacity to lead others, in turn developing their professional identity

This certification is for you if:

1. You enjoy career coaching or call yourself a career advisor

2. You want to level up your tools and gain an incredibly effective strategy

3. You feel other career methods aren’t meeting the needs of today’s workforce

4. You are a manager or L&D professional who wants to develop talent in-company.

As seen in

What clients are saying

“Dr. Berk’s content was both irritatingly obvious and a total revelation at the same time. It gave me vocabulary to describe myself. I was able to define what I do and where I belong.”

“Re-working my professional identity with John was a game-changer in my consulting career”

“A clear professional identity has allowed me to add deeper knowledge and insight to my strong delivery / programme management skills”

“I was blown away by the Venn diagrams showing how my identities can interlap/co-mingle. The best part was understanding how to find a unique job title for my role that would encompass all/most of those identities. I had never thought about this before!”

“I’m now much more confident in charging fees, because I know what I stand for in the workplace”

Why this certification

As someone who supports the career development of others, you need to know how to help people unlock their full potential.  Professional identity development is a revolutionary approach that complements all career development strategies, including personality assessments.

Professional identity is about how you see yourself and how others see you. It’s not just your job title, or qualifications or accomplishments. It’s the fingerprint you leave on everything that you do.

Most people in career transition don’t realize they have permission to define themselves on their terms. The only way they can learn how to do this is with the help of a trained guide who can be their mirror. 
Your ability to lead people through identity discovery and definition is a transformative process. It will forever unlock the way they see and think about their self-worth as well as who they are in their career.

Framework behind this course

Four-key aspects we cover


Professional Identity Development


Self worth vs. self esteem


Economic trends and workforce needs


Apply this knowledge to career development and personal branding strategies

Course requirements

This is a 130 hour certification program:

hours of live online coursework (2 hours week/ 18 weeks)

hours of homework, reading, group work and assignments (2 to 3 hours a week/ 18 weeks)

40 hours of practicum and supervision in the field where you guide clients through this process

After passing all requirements, you’ll receive a PDF certificate stating you’ve successfully completed this training and are qualified as a professional identity facilitator

You’ll also receive a digital certification that can be added into your LinkedIn profile.

In order to become certified, here is a snapshot of expectations:

Live participation

18 live sessions will be held on Tuesdays for 2 hours each week on Zoom at 4pm GMT/ 11am EST. (Participants may miss one live session)

Additional course content will be accessible through an online platform including a discussion board. 


There are three required projects to complete during the 18 weeks including:

1. Defining and naming your professional identity

2. Passing a written assessment focused on key topics and concepts taught during the training

3. Delivering a final capstone reflection presentation 

Practicum & Ongoing Supervision

After successfully completing the live course and assignments, participants must demonstrate their ability to use this effectively with clients. 

You’ll have 8 months to complete 40 hours of supervised professional identity coaching.

By the end, you will be able to
1. Define Your Professional Identity
– You’ll know your true professional identity, what you call yourself in your work and why you call yourself that.
You’ll have tested this in your own marketplace and be confident that it works.
2. Gain Deep Knowledge, Expertise, and Credibility
– You will gain a deep understanding of what professional identity is and why it matters.
– You will be able to clearly articulate the benefits of a clear professional identity, with examples.
– You will be certified as a Professional Identity Facilitator, bringing compelling credibility to your client work.
3. Masterfully Guide Clients
– You’ll know how to use professional identity tools in a meaningful way with your clients.
– You will bring fresh insights to your client work that will distinguish you as a practitioner.
– You will have gathered compelling career-stories that will inspire others.
Meet your instructors

John Niland is best known as a professional speaker, as well as being a coach, author and regular guest lecturer at universities and professional associations. Based in London and Lisbon, John is passionate about the power of self-worth in work: encouraging professionals to build a strong professional identity as an anchor in today’s turbulent world.

In 2016, a series of personal events led him to write “The Self-Worth Safari”, to ignite self-worth in individuals and transform their careers and personal lives. In 2018, he established The Self-Worth Academy, a global network of professionals promoting self-worth as a foundation for life and work.

John’s previous books include “Hidden Value”, “100 Tips to Find More Time”, “Opportunity Conversations” and “The Courage to Ask” (co-authored with Kate Daly). 


Dr. Berk is the leading expert on hybrid professional identity, and a hybrid professional herself. She is a TEDx speaker and author of More Than My Title. Her hybrid title is Creative Disruptor because she works at the intersection of being an artist, researcher, educator, and designer. She obtained her PhD from the University of Denver, and has degrees from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Rhode Island School of Design. 

Dr. Berk has gone through multiple professional identity crises, and this catapulted her to start studying how she is more than her job title. After numerous career pivots, she felt discouraged and didn’t think anyone understood her.  Little did she know that she would unearth a groundbreaking idea. 

Today, she helps professionals discover and articulate their hybrid professional identity and unique value in the workforce. As a result, her clients feel more seen, empowered and confident, and teams recognize each other as more than their job titles, valuing the critical yet different roles of experts, generalists, and hybrids in the workforce.


What's the next step?

Apply above and wait for our email 🙂

How much is the course?


The full price next year will be $1500. We are charging a nominal fee only to secure commitment. We are more interested in your feedback, rather than your money! Please reach out if you need assistance with this.

How long will the first cohort be?

The live training is 4 months long, followed by max 8 months of certification requirements

When does it start?

We start on Tuesday the 4th October 2022 at 8am LA time and 4pm UK time.
3 weeks on / 1 week off for integration
Two weeks off (20 +27th Dec) and start again the 3rd January

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