PROFESSIONAL IDENTITY: Re-Educating Your Network

Life moves on.  Your skills, your value-proposition and your achievements are developing all the time.

In this webinar, we address:

  • Why it’s vital to keep your network up-to-date
  • Some common mistakes made e.g. forgetting, one-off announcements
  • Four simple practices to weave into your every week
  • Getting others to spread the word


    Self Worth Academy CEO John Niland

    John Niland is a professional speaker, as well as being a coach, author and guest lecturer at universities and professional associations. He works with professionals to be seen and valued in their work, by building a powerful professional identity rooted in self-worth.

    Some of his key insights include:

    • Energising and re-inventing who we are at work—not just what we do
    • Fuelling professional life on self-worth rather than self-esteem
    • Leading self and others by developing their professional identity
    • Making professional life sustainable and enjoyable, enabling us to work to 75 and beyond
    • Raising the value of our work, as the basis of more opportunity and reward

    In 2018, he established The Self-Worth Academy, a global network of professionals passionate about promoting self-worth (and self-awareness) as a foundation for life and work. 

    John is the author of “The Self-Worth Safari”.  Previous books include “Hidden Value”, “Opportunity Conversations” and “The Courage to Ask” (co-authored with Kate Daly). He was a co-founder of the European Forum of Independent Professionals and previous CEO of Education for the Children, which works with families in Guatemala to break the cycle of poverty.