Discover how self-worth brings fresh energy, creativity and performance, as well as empowering a new sense of self-belief.

What are the learning outcomes?

  • Understanding terms such as “confidence”, “self-esteem” and “self-worth” 
  • Self-awareness: what assessments do you make of yourself?
  • Why self-worth is vital today: some of the typical pressures on self-esteem
  • Daily practices to build self-worth
  • How to discuss self-worth and self-esteem with others that you care about





Self-worth is particularly relevant in the present climate due to…

  • Career-pressure (plus identity-pressure & relationship-pressure) from multiple directions. Jobs under threat, people needing to reinvent themselves.
  • Resilience: ability to deal with setbacks, delays, isolation and disappointment.
  • Loss of real connection: rise in loneliness, many people feeling on their own with issues/decisions… even when apparently surrounded by “friends”.
  • Need to be creative in a problematical economy, hence the benefit of escaping from the shackles of having to constantly “prove oneself”.
  • Need to find strength in the face of change and uncertainty.

These factors are particularly true for students and young adults, who are facing the toughest economy for decades.  Tailored versions of the Self-Worth Discovery program are also available for leaders and entrepreneurs.

Delivery: Can be online or in-person. Ideally 60-90mins, but sessions have been as short as 20mins and there is easily enough material for 2 hours.

Cost: varies according to the setting.  For example, most work with student groups is free of charge.  Please email with details of your requirements and desired schedule.