• Develop self-worth with others
  • Integrate into your own activity e.g. leadership, career-coaching etc.
  • 4 group sessions over one month
  • Certifies you to delivery Discovery program
  • Cost 850 €


Self Worth Academy Open Programs Facilitators

Once people discovery Self-Worth (usually by reading the book or taking part in a Self-Worth Safari) they are often enthusiastic about integrating the shifts into theor own work and thereby developing self-worth with other people.


  • Adding self-worth into leadership programs
  • Working with clients at career-crossroads
  • Integrating self-worth into project-management
  • Working with newly-appointed managers
  • Developing mental health with students

Some Facilitators also want to deliver the Self-Worth Discovery program, tailored for their unique audience.

About the Facilitator training

  • A new course starts each calendar month (except December and August) and consists of 4 sessions in a small group
  • Training is delivered over Zoom and is led by one or more of the Self-Worth Associates
  • As part of the training, you are encouraged to develop your own self-worth story and to share this in the group
  • At the end, you receive a certificate from self-Worth Academy, which authorises you to deliver the Self-Worth Discovery program
  • We are particularly keen to train Facilitators who work with students and several discounted places are available for them.

More info: Please email operations@SelfWorthAcademy.com with details of your requirements.