Review Guideline

The book is already live and Amazon reviews are pure gold 🙂 

Your opinion is very important to us.

As you can imagine, our Safari is up against all those big publishing houses, and reviews are key to get the self-worth message “out there”.

If you are willing to write a review, here are some tips to help:

  • Perhaps first check if you are allowed to write a review. Amazon does impose restrictions. See here.
  • Please say what you found most useful about the book
  • But please don’t refer to any other association between us! (The review needs to be about the book, not our relationship!)
  • What was your favourite story?  Why?
  • What did you learn?  Why is that important?
  • To whom would you recommend the book?  Why?

We are challenging ourselves to get 100 reviews this year. This is one of the most effective things we can do, to get self-worth into the world. Your support is much appreciated.

Kind regards


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