Self Worth Academy Associate Richard Ayling

Richard Ayling is a transformational coach, author and facilitator, with over thirteen years’ experience in training and personal development.
In 2006 he was diagnosed with a lifelong autoimmune disease, and this led him to study mindset and meditation to aid his recovery.
In 2016 he became one of the first instructors trained by Wim Hof in breathwork and cold exposure disciplines.
In 2017 and after successfully overcoming his illness, he moved to Bali to develop his embodiment and coaching practices, and is now a certified Traditional Hatha Yoga teacher.
As an entrepreneur and former business owner, he now has over 30,000 hours of teaching and coaching experience, and teaches self-awareness practices for mindful and meaningful living around the world.
When he isn’t coaching or facilitating, you can find him in the surf, on the mat, or learning something new, ideally with a good wine in hand.

Coaching on Self-Worth in the Realm of Personal Life and Work

Courses, Group and Individual Training

Speaks: English

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