Self-Worth Behaviours

Self-worth brings changes in behaviour: different from the behaviours driven by self-esteem. Here’s just a short selection: what would you add?


Talking about self (trying to be interesting) —> Curious about others (interested)
Describing one’s strengths, achievements, talents —> Sharing useful insights and why these are valuable
Seeking feedback about self —> Seeking feedback about what is valuable and how
Selfie-story communications (eg about expertise) —> Telling client/team success-stories, illustrating useful approaches


Focus on “being the best” —> Focus on common purpose
Checking up on performance —> Energising people to achieve and create
Presenting the plan —> Co-creating the plan
Telling people what they need to do —> Asking people for specific contribution to common goals
Recruiting “safe” people —> Recruiting people with self-worth and relevant talent


Pitching to prospective clients —> Sharing insights and experience with prospects
Meeting client requirements —> Rethinking / exceeding requirements, based on usefulness
Getting high client-satisfaction scores —> Benchmarking clients in terms of best practices
Energising self from achievement —> Energising self from purpose
Basing fees on time —> Basing fees on value

What other shifts in behaviour would you add? Or want?

(For a session on this subject – with John or the Associates – see here)

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