Self-Worth during Covid-19 – Taking Care of Your Professional Life

Remember the days following 9/11? The “tornado effect” – cancelled flights, meetings, and total paralysis of investment. Back then, my entire pipeline evaporated in less than 7 days. 

There are stormy days ahead, particularly for freelance professionals. Loss of revenue often brings a loss of self-confidence, and even self-reproach. Managers and leaders have tough decisions to make, while students and young professionals worry about job prospects. 

 So what can you do? Here are some practical guidelines to create value and deepen your roots in self-worth. 

1. Make a decision about who your ideal clients are, create something useful (for them). What are they struggling with?

If you stay close to your best clients, they will tell you what you need to do. For example, back in 2001, I learned from working with professionals that they were always short of time, so I wrote a little pdf of “100 Tips to Find Time” which opened many doors for business.

2. Enhance your online presence, engage with your audience: e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.


Now is the time to fix “Sorry, my website / LinkedIn page etc. is out of date!”. This climate will have more people surfing online = great time for online conversations!

 3: Take an online course or read a book to develop yourself and your business skills.

Investing in yourself is always a good use of money/time to innovate how you do business. For example, enhacing your time-management and self leadership (either you are a leader or independent professional) and learning about online networking to create opportunities.


Why not read “The Self-Worth Safari” or “The Courage to Ask”? Kindle and hard copies on Amazon.

4. Research the future of your client’s world. Connect with those who can help you get a clearer picture.

Your clients are affected by all that’s happening, and they will be thinking about their future. This gives you a legitimate reason to contact them for informal research.

 5. Make the best use of online resources so that Downtime = Development time, not just Dithering time.


For example, each Monday, we host a “Bloom on Zoom” call, where we brainstorm with other professionals on how to create value together, in these turbulent times. Participate for free, details here.


Here is a compilation of our online resources: feel free to choose whatever is most relevant for you and your team:

1: Value-Centred Networking: a self-worth approach to meaningful networking, both online and in person, details here

2: 21st Century Time-Management: a self-leadership approach to sharper focus and more energy, no matter what is happening around you, details here.

3: How to Introduce Yourself with Impact: with a special focus on your online presence, details here

4: Dealing with Stress and Anxiety: a real issue at times like this, details here.

Coming soon:

5: The Art of Value-Centred Selling: How to win high-value work, both online and in person

6: Valuing your work: Negotiation skills to enhance the value of your talents

7: Presenting your value-proposition remotely: Engaging your prospects when they are not in the same room

8: Is something else more useful or needed? Contact us or bring your concerns and join our Bloom on Zoom call, every Monday, and brainstorm with professionals

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