SELF-WORTH IN SALES: Value-centred selling for professionals

A compelling first meeting can open the door to months—often years—of revenue.  It’s one of the practical skills that illustrates real self-worth in action.

In this session, we look at a proven value-centred approach, honed over 15 years, specifically crafted for professionals in 7 clear steps:

  • How to open a meeting with impact
  • Questions that uncover the value of the work to be done
  • Differentiating yourself by adding value up-front
  • Discussing budget-guideline, dealing with objections
  • Closing and double-closing the sale


Self Worth Academy CEO John Niland


In ‘The Self-Worth Safari’, author, speaker and business coach John Niland invites us on a powerful adventure to discover how to step off the hamster wheel of self-esteem and switch onto the untrodden paths of self-worth.

In a world obsessed with proving ourselves John founded the Self-Worth Academy with the aim of supporting each other to develop/strengthen an unconditional friendship with our own selves.