The Challenges of Transition

There are many types of transition: in work, geography, relationships, life-stage… and often many of them happen together! 

It can be a vulnerable time for self-esteem. As we leave behind the old familiar landscape, we often leave behind the “markers” that defined our relationship with ourselves. For example, when we leave an old job, we may leave old friends and the sense of connection they gave us. Or a manager may have to give back that company car that defined their success. 

When we get to the other bank of the river, there will be new markers of success and fulfilment. But when we are crossing the river and trying to navigate the currents, our only ally our self-worth i.e. a sense of unconditional friendship with ourselves.


Our next Safari starts on Thursday Sept 15 from 5-6pm GMT and runs weekly for 5 weeks (update: 6 weeks now!).
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Overview Topics:

Week 1  (Sept 15)
Accepting what is
When stress, grief and change make you feel helpless, you’re truly not!
Facilitator: Bess Stonehouse

Week 2 (Sept 22)
Hug your Imposter
Imposter Syndrome: A Compassionate Approach
Facilitator: Carolina Ferreira

Week 3 (Sept 29)
Moving homes
How to reinvent yourself in a new country
Facilitator: Edyta Serwicka

Week 4 (Oct 6)
Your Ikigai Adventure
How to find career satisfaction by finding your purpose (your Ikigai)
Facilitator: Kerry Thompson

Week 5 (Oct 13)
Create or you will be created 
How to move from survivor to creator by reconnecting to your own spring
Facilitator: Monika Majvaldová

Week 6 (Oct 20)
The Identity Economy
How to raise the value of your work with a clear professional identity
Facilitator: John Niland

Hostess throughout Safari: Amanda Mulder