Exploring our Inner Space 

This safari is a brand new group experience that invites participants to dive deep into the somatic experience of connecting to ones self-worth roots.

An eyes-closed and reflective coaching approach that uses the mind-body unity to support us in becoming a witness of our inner space – and listen to the how and why our body communicates with us to show any areas of tension, discomfort, or imbalance.

This 4 week Self-worth Safari is led by our associate Amanda Mulder, a Nurturer of Inner Spaces. There will be no slides. No lecturing. Pure presence and play.

Who is this for?

It’s for the courageous ones who are ready to drop their armour and be seen, heard and valued for all who they are.

Those that are juggling to keep all balls in the air and seek more harmony outside and in.

Who are tired of pretending everything is okay and desire a safe space to express their authenticity.

Who may feel insecure/unsettled of where they are and seek encouragement on the path they are on.

The intention of the Safari

To be present and welcome new awareness by connecting with oneself, whilst being in connection to others in a loving, compassionate way.

Reminding each other we belong and are worthy of taking up space.

If you have read The Self-Worth Safari book + explored the concept of Self-worth from the mind perspective – this experience may bring new insights from the body perspective.

To create a safe space, there is a limit to 12 spaces.

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