An accomplished and entertaining speaker, since 2000 John has been sharing insights about value and self-worth with a wide range of audiences in Europe, Asia and the USA. Some of the more popular talks include:



How to raise the value of your work with a clear professional identity

The world of work has changed dramatically in 25 years. Today’s professionals want meaningful expression of their values and talents, not just a livelihood.

In this session we explore:


  • What is professional identity and why is it important?
  • The four biggest benefits of a clear identity at work
  • The key steps to find an outstanding professional identity
  • Why self-worth is vital, particularly during transitions
  • Tips to nurture professional identity with others: you as manager/mentor
Self Worth Academy Energising teams


The Energy to Growhow self-worth energises your professional identity

When your self-worth is solid, you have the energy to work, develop and grow.

In this session,  specially tailored for teams, you will learn:

  • how self-worth gives more sustainable energy than self-esteem
  • why this is vital for productivity, teamwork and business-development
  • ways in which your self-worth sharpens focus and nurtures energy
  • leadership behaviours that come from self-worth
  • practical examples of how self-worth adds impact to communication

(See John’s 30 sec video “The Energy to Grow”)

Self Worth Academy Partner or Servant


Why clients should not define your self-worth

One of the ways in which self-worth transforms professional life is how we manage clients. In order to be trusted advisers, it’s vital to form partner relationships, not relationships based on servitude.

In this session, specially tailored for agencies and consultants, you will learn:

  • some of the behaviours that create servant relationships with clients
  • how to introduce yourself as a partner vs. a servant
  • the significance of self-worth
  • some of the Do’s and Don’ts of review meetings
  • an introduction to value-based pricing (if time allows)
  • managing difficult clients, growing key accounts

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Self Worth Academy Partner or Servant
Self Worth Academy Reinventing Work Life


The Art of Value Based Selling: a self-worth approach to value

Most sales approaches are self-esteem based: designed to promote specific achievements and solutions. The problem is… buyers know this is what they are getting!
In this session, we take a fresh approach to building trust:

  • Understanding how sales has changed in the wake of the pandemic
  • Why sharing useful insights is key to gaining trust and momentum
  • Dealing with budget/fee objections
  • A 7-step process, from Preparation to Closing, based on value
  • How self-worth is crucial, at every step
Self Worth Academy Reinventing Work Life


How self-worth energises you and accelerates re-invention

We live in the age of the “Great Reinvention”. In this session, John gives practical illustrations of how self-worth energises your career- / business- reinvention, vs. being stuck on the hamster wheel of self-esteem.
You will learn:

  • some of the costly pitfalls of self-esteem-based reinvention
  • how to boost energy and deal with setbacks
  • some practical ways to innovate effectively with your clients / colleagues
  • how self-worth adds impact to your communication
  • how to talk about your strengths in engaging ways

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Self Worth Academy Reinventing Work Life
SWA Self Worth Academy Live Well


Discovering Self-Worth: a new foundation for resilience and energy

The pandemic put wellbeing at the top of many agendas. People now talk openly about mental health, in ways that were unthinkable a mere decade ago.
In this session, we take a fresh approach to resilience and energy:

  • Understanding how self-worth is different to self-esteem
  • Applying this understanding to specific situations (work or personal life)
  • Overview of the 7 shifts to build self-worth (from The Self-Worth Safari)
  • Creating personal routines to nourish self-worth

(See John’s 10-min video “The Energy to Connect”)

My team and I worked with John over two online sessions around self worth and professional identity. As a remote-first team it can sometimes feel difficult to connect with each other but John’s sessions allowed us to solidify our bond, be heard and be seen. He was attentive to the needs of each team member and everyone left feeling much stronger, and much more confident in their abilities than when they went in. It was a joy to work with John and I would highly recommend working with him to anyone considering it. A real gem!

 – Emma Glover, Victress Digital Marketing Agency

Self Worth Academy Client Victress Digital

“John has presented at our National Conference on more than one occasion and run workshops. He has helped us focus and hone our skills to enable our organisation to provide the best “Value Added” consultancy services to our clients, hereby they recognise our true value to them.”

 – Peter Mayhew, Auditel

​​“We were thrilled to have John as one of our keynote speakers at DSM’s Women Inspired Network Signature Event this year! He was very easy to collaborate with, took the time to understand and shape a presentation aligned with our event theme, and brought to life the topic of self-worth that left our participants not only with inspiration, but also practical steps to focus on after the event.”

 – Lily Lin, DSM

“I attended John’s value-based selling and pricing course (run by IPSE) and I was particularly impressed by John’s insights on value-based selling.”

 – Sarah Pascaru, Social Jooce

“John’s deep insights about value have brought tangible rewards to the sales team: at least $4 million in three years. Self-Worth enables sales professionals to achieve more”

 – Thomas Molnar; VP Global Sales Tomra Sorting Food


Self Worth Academy CEO John Niland

John Niland is best known as a professional speaker, as well as being a coach, author and regular guest lecturer at universities and professional associations. Based in London and Lisbon, John is passionate about the power of self-worth in work: encouraging professionals to build a strong professional identity as an anchor in today’s turbulent world.

In 2016, a series of personal events led him to write “The Self-Worth Safari”, a book and program to ignite self-worth in individuals and transform their careers, sales, confidence, and personal lives. In 2018, he established The Self-Worth Academy, a global network of professionals passionate about promoting self-worth (and self-awareness) as a foundation for life and work.

John’s previous books include “Hidden Value”, “100 Tips to Find More Time”, “Opportunity Conversations” and “The Courage to Ask” (co-authored with Kate Daly). He is a co-founder of the European Forum of Independent Professionals and previous CEO of Education for the Children, which works with families in Guatemala to break the cycle of poverty. He divides his time between Lisbon, Portugal, and London, England.

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