What’s Your Story – Amy Moser

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8th – 13th of February 2021

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Amy Moser is a coach based in Ealing, London. She has been a coach for ten years, after working in employee communication for 20 years. Amy is an associate with HelpingKids Ltd. and she has been working for four years at private schools in the West London area.

As a life coach that works with children age 6 to 16 and parents, Amy sees self-worth issues on a day-to-day basis. Seven out of 10 of her young clients see significant results after only five sessions. She uses solutions and techniques to overcome problems. Her focus is on “How can children increase self-worth? How do they get confident on the inside?” This includes work on the ABCs

A for Anxieties (nightmares, exams, stage fright)

B for Behaviour (fighting, anger, homework)

C for Confidence (friends, school, home)


Amy is an expert in outcomes-based coaching, working with clients to:

– Get what they want out of the current situation

– Explore options and go toward their ideal state

– Find resources that will open new doors


You can connect with her via info@helpingkids.co.uk

Or to know more about Amy’s work, please go to www.selfworthacademy.com/amy-moser

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