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I’ve always been a driven career woman, but it hasn’t always been easy.

Over the years, I have thrown myself into my career, met wonderful colleagues and clients, and enjoyed working on brilliant industry-first projects. I realised quite quickly, that I loved to help people! I loved to make a difference to people, to see them achieve, or to know I’d done something to make them or their lives better. I was later told by a colleague that I was a professional pleaser. I replied with a genuine and heart felt “thank you”, but as he pointed out, it wasn’t a compliment, it was an observation. “You need to think about number 1 sometimes”.

And this is where my self worth story starts…

I am a confident and capable business woman. Strong statement, but true if you look at the evidence of my achievements. However, I also struggle with my self worth. Almost every day. It manifests itself in many forms. 

Doubt. Am I doing enough?

Fear. Am I letting someone down?

Value. Am I really worth this fee my clients are paying for my services? Isn’t there someone else better qualified?

The pivotal point come for me about 5 years ago. I was offered a contract renewal on the same terms as I’d been on for some time, yet my scope and value had increased exponentially. So, I asked for term changes. I was told that “no-one was worth anymore than my current terms”, even though I could present tangible examples of comparable roles paying significantly more. It was clear that I wasn’t valued. My self esteem and self worth was shot to pieces. I had two choices. Carry on and be unhappy, or make some changes….

I have now developed the skills and the mindset to overcome these struggles. I acknowledge my struggles, I use my techniques, I overcome them and I move on. 

So what has a strong self-worth helped me to achieve? It has enabled me to fully transition my career. From a monetary perspective, I have increased my service rates to reflect the value I bring. I have worked with a greater range of fantastic clients. My network is now wider and broader than it has ever been. I am satisfied in my work and craving to achieve more. And best of all, I am happy.

I’m now developing myself further by supporting others on their self-worth journey. This week, I have launched Akeno Adventure (www.Akenoadventure.co.uk)

Akeno Adventure is an international coaching and mentoring programme designed to support people to transform their career and build career confidence, under-pinned by the importance of self-worth. Self-worth is especially critical during times of transition and change. 

I have already supported a range of people including women in business (particularly those who may be struggling in a male dominated environment), people who wish to transition into a new role, job type or industry, and those who wish to build their career confidence in order to work smarter, not harder. The aim is to enable my clients to maximise their potential, to get fulfilment from their work, and ultimately, to be happy. After all, we all spend far too much time at work to be anything other than happy!

I’m particularly proud of this venture because, like my current business, Akeno (www.Akeno.co.uk), it’s been designed and launched solely by me, and is something I’m passionate about. I genuinely enjoy supporting people and seeing them succeed, so to turn this into a business adventure is very exciting.

Connect with her via kerry@akeno.co.uk


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