What’s Your Story – Laura Vesajoki

Join us on the Self-Worth Awareness Conference

8th – 13th of February 2021

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In 2019, Laura Vesajoki went through a serious health scare and medical treatments that profoundly changed her life and awakened in her new insights and meaning towards life. Since then she has been working on putting in place a program to accompany other souls who are currently going through or who have recently gone through a health concern. Laura blends different modalities, that she has been studying since five years now, in her practice that unify and strengthen all dimensions of the person – the Body, the Mind and the Soul. 

One of the ways in which to live in a better coherence within oneself and with the surrounding world, is to reconnect and to enhance one’s Self-Worth, and this even more so during challenging times in life. Having an unwavering Self-Worth can improve one’s resilience, quieten the self-blame and give one more energy to face the new situation. 

Laura has been a Self-Worth Academy Associate since November 2019. She currently lives in Brussels and is available for a meeting both in person and virtually.

Connect with her via laura.vesajoki@gmail.com

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