Whether as client, boss or colleague, we’ve all encountered the problem of difficult people. The impact on self-worth includes: diminishing the value of our work, feelings of anxiety and vulnerability, plus loss of vital energy. All of this often keeps us stuck in the grip of problematic people.

In this webinar we cover:

– Four types of difficult people (Narcissist, Manipulator, Aggressor and Saboteur);
– Distinguishing difficult people from demanding people;
– How to protect your self-worth;
– How to set boundaries; and
– Practical tips to deal with each type of difficult people.


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Self Worth Academy CEO John Niland


In ‘The Self-Worth Safari’, author, speaker and business coach John Niland invites us on a powerful adventure to discover how to step off the hamster wheel of self-esteem and switch onto the untrodden paths of self-worth.

In a world obsessed with proving ourselves John founded the Self-Worth Academy with the aim of supporting each other to develop/strengthen an unconditional friendship with our own selves.