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in work
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Clearly and confidently articulate the value of your work

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 How to ensure you are valued in the attention-deficit society,
in which we live

To be seen and valued is a basic human need. Yet it’s harder than ever to meet this need in an economy that is info-saturated, uncertain about future direction and stumbling from crisis to crisis.

So how do people respond? By posting more on social media, sending emails to highlight achievements, striving for more qualifications, trying harder… all classic self-esteem responses.

Self-worth is a game-changer. You know you are enough already. So you can build an identity based on WHO you are, rather than WHAT you are. Instead of striving for validation, you become more interested in others.
By being useful to the world around you, you become 
implicitly seen and valued.

How do we do this?
By rooting your Identity in Self-Worth

In the old world, a job was also an identity. “I am a lawyer” expressed much more than how you made your living. However, virtual working, hybrid working and agile teams blur the landmarks that used to define our identities. Longer working lives bring multiple careers and a backdrop of upheaval and change calls into question WHO we are at work.

This is why it’s vital that professional identity is built on self-worth rather than on the shifting sands of self-esteem. Self-esteem is volatile and ephemeral. When things are going great, life is good, but setbacks and conflicts can make us hit rock bottom. When we operate from self-worth, we know our inherent value, so we can be an unconditional friend to ourselves when the going gets tough.

Professional Identity stems from self-worth

When rooted in self-worth, your Professional Identity gives you consistency and credibility. The deep roots of self-worth make your self-esteem more resilient and help you maintain energy levels through ups and downs.

You learn to distil your experience into useful insights, to become known for something more than just a set of adjectives about yourself. You communicate in terms of insights rather than “me-stories” and statements about you. This inspires others to become your ambassadors; it increases the value of your work and makes you a more impactful leader.

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What are the practical benefits of a strong Professional Identity?

> Other people appreciate the unique perspective you bring, so they can open doors for you

> Your communication is more engaging and you build trust

> Your value is not linked to a specific role or function (vital during transition)

> You have a new basis for credibility and confidence, as well as for higher-value work

> You enjoy a new lease of energy and motivation, fuelling a work life that can last

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I can change.”

Carl Rogers

What is the purpose of the
Self-Worth Academy?

We are a global network of coaches, mentors and facilitators united by our understanding that the behind the façade of many personal and professional difficulties, you’ll find underlying self-worth issues. Our purpose is to provide a learning space where people can deepen self-worth and translate this into practical living, as entrepreneurs, managers and professionals. 

We particularly wish to empower those doing personal and career-development work with others, e.g. young people, women, minorities, older workers. Through practical webinars, coaching and training, our purpose is to enhance your capacity to act and have an impact in the world.

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We work with people in all walks of life

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or what you do, we’ve all faced self-worth issues at one time or another. However, everyone has different needs. Companies and organisations require a different approach than individuals and independent professionals.

coaching for teams professional identity

Teams & Managers

Talent retention and attraction are increasingly important, in today’s agile
and hybrid workplace environment.

Professional Identity for teams reimagines employee engagement and team cohesion. If relevant to you click here


professional identity coaching

Individuals & Professionals

Self-worth lies below the waterline, just like the proverbial iceberg, driving many commonplace personal and professional struggles.

If you are designing a sustainable professional life, and wish to be seen and valued both at work and in life click here


Coaches & Mentors

The realisation that self-worth issues lie at the heart of many difficulties their clients face, has been a career defining moment for all our Associates.

If you are interested in widening your coaching practice with Professional Identity and Self-Worth frameworks click here.

self worth student university

Students & Educators

Both students and educators of all ages are subjected to the pressure to succeed, and exceed the expectations placed upon them.

Self-worth is vital in education. It effectively helps to manage stress levels and anxiety. If you’d like to know more please click here.

Organisations we have worked with
as seen in - logos

Very thought-provoking & useful sessions. Microsoft employees didn’t want the program to end!

Tina Jafrate

Senior Business and Site Programme Manager/Consultant, Microsoft

Great insights for our mid-management team: raising awareness of their value at work, future potential and importance of teamwork.

Ruth Estrada

Partner at Schuman Associates, Schuman Associates

John delivered a fantastic session for our MBA students at Durham Business School around Self Identity, Self-Worth and Values. This session was very informative and interactive but also challenged the students to really engage with the material and ideas. He also ensured the material was applicable to their everyday life, studies and job search. I would recommend John to any university careers services looking to deliver a high quality session for students in this crucial area.

Tim McCollum

Careers Consultant, Durham University Business School

The Professional Identity Facilitator’s course was an excellent learning experience. Over these four months of interactive sessions, I have grown in my professional identity in unexpected ways. It has helped shape my choices for the future, and made an impact in how I coach individuals and teams. Plus, we had a very motivated cohort. John is a seasoned and talented leader who really knows the global market and cares about our success as coaches and professional identity facilitators.

Anne Randerson

Transitions Coach, Teacher of Contemplative Practices and Creative Expression, Cross Cultural Horizons

I worked with John for several years where he helped me build my professional identity and guide me through the rollercoaster that running your own business can be. Thanks to John I have a wealth of ideas and concepts to move forward with and I’ll be repeating his advice to myself for years to come.

James McNally

Designer of high performing measurement and detection systems for science and engineering, Wiresmith Technology